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About Us

Thank you for the opportunity to briefly introduce our company, our services and our philosophies to you. If you feel that our philosophies, approach and work ethics match your expectations, we are confident, the information below will help you choose us as your partner for your current and future water treatment considerations.

Perfect Water Nova Scotia is a certified, registered, licensed and insured full-service company in the Water Improvement Industry, located in Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia, Canada. The owner, Falk Herd, is a CWQA (Canadian Water Quality Association) Certified Water Treatment Technician (CWT III – Certified Technician Level 3) and an Elite Member of the CWQA. With an additional degree in Economics and as a certified trainer, it can certainly be considered as one of his fortes to explain otherwise complex and seemingly difficult topics in an easy digestible manner, while giving economical considerations their place as well.

The management Team, Falk and Nicole, both originally from Germany, came to Canada in 2002 and with over 60 years of combined experience in the service industry from both continents, their main focus is to continue providing excellent customer service and deliver premium product quality at the same time.

“One of our biggest strengths is to analyze and break down complex topics into small, digestable and understandable pieces. Our customers do not just buy “product”, that can be done at multiple locations. They buy into our commitment. Our commitment to gather all relevant data. Our commitment to provide exceptional consultation and answer all our customers’ questions. Our commitment to deliver suitable and effective treatment solutions. Our commitment to deliver top notch installations and our commitment to continuous customer service. And we are committed to delivering all this; in each and every case.”

Perfect Water Nova Scotia provides individual consultation as well as presentations on specific topics for private and commercial customers.

Perfect Water Nova Scotia’s unique set-up allows access to the portfolios of over 80 different manufacturers. This independent structure provides an unbiased platform for well educated choices.

As a proud and certified member of the Canadian Water Quality Association, Perfect Water Nova Scotia offers a broad range of services and products around the topic water, and our overall process includes the following steps

  • PWNS – The company and its philosophies
  • initial consultation and problem investigation
  • evaluation of technical circumstances and conditions
  • extensive water testing sequences (on-site and lab)
  • water sampling and processing lab testing sequences
  • consultation on and explanation of data and potentially conflicting parameters
  • customized designs of water treatment, filtration and purification systems
  • installation of custom designed applications
  • solutions for well and municipal water supply
  • applications for residential and commercial customers
  • maintenance and continuous service
  • in-house presentations and seminars
  • providing financing scenarios

Consumers definitely appreciate our work ethic and benefit from our  diligent and customized approach.

Our mandate is to provide healthy, clean and aesthetically appealing water to our clients.

Our objective: Providing reliable, responsible and comprehensive service while giving our clients peace of mind about the water in their homes and business facilities.

Our forte: Our comprehensive and diligent approach to designing customized solutions by listening to our customers’ goals and objectives and utilizing all our resources.

Our slogan: “Certified Advice – Customized Solutions – Water the Way You like it”©

“We are especially proud of the fact that we provide really comprehensive service. Starting with an initial consultation, implementing on-site testing, initiating laboratory test sequences, reviewing lab results with customers, recommendations for customized treatment solutions, calculating and designing appropriate systems, installations and of course ongoing service complete this holistic circle.”

With us, there is no “business as usual”. Every single situation is different and unique and requires customized, rather than standardized solutions. And we approach every situation with this attitude.

We would be happy to be your company of choice in the Water Improvement Industry for your current and future treatment needs and look forward to working with you. For any further details, please contact us.

(Falk Herd: Owner and Certified Water Treatment Technician; Nicole Herd: Office Manager)

We are passionate about what we do. We do it right the first time. How can we help you?

Your Perfect Water Nova Scotia Team