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All testimonials are from our real customers and we keep copies of the original on file for references.

So here we are. A few months in; a few months in, five years later…
Five years ago, we purchased our current home, which has a drilled well. At the time, my knowledge of drilled wells was that a drill-rig makes a hole, and clean, safe drinking-water comes out of that hole. I soon came to understand it’s not quite that simple and easy.
Lab-results indicated there were both quality and safety issues with the raw water from our well. Our water had an unpleasant odour and impure taste to it. In addition, and unfortunately, trace levels of Total Coli forms were detected in the sample, disgusting but manageable. We were advised this was the only parameter that needed to be addressed to have safe-drinking water in order to close the deal. The source of this advice was unqualified and we were ignorant.
To overcome this hurdle, we consulted a few different companies to investigate and provide us a quote for their solution. A couple of the sales-guys “got it”. They could see we were anxious to satisfy minimum requirements to close a deal. They recognized our urgency and that I wasn’t interested in sending raw water samples across the country for further analysis. Thankfully, the sales-guys didn’t need to get more data. The softeners and UV lights they offer are designed to be one-size-fits-all solutions. They can simply sell us whatever they happen to have in-stock. On the other-hand, there was Falk.
Falk didn’t “get it”. I needed a solution and I needed it yesterday. Falk wanted data. I wasn’t interested in flushing money down the drain to get additional lab testing to confirm that our water-quality, quite simply sucks. I didn’t understand there are five different types of iron that can be in water. Silly-me for thinking iron is iron. I didn’t understand the impact that turbidity has on UV transmittance. I didn’t even know turbidity was a thing. Quite simply I didn’t understand anything about water chemistry.
To facilitate the deal, we had a UV light installed, which we purchased from the other guys. Falk wasn’t willing to sell us a “solution” he was convinced, based on the initial lab reports, would not address our water-quality issues. For additional peace-of-mind, we also purchased a water cooler as our potable water supply. Our financial overlords at the bank were satisfied and we closed the deal. We thanked Falk for his insight and took his advice to spend time researching water chemistry and the impact various parameters have on water quality from both an aesthetic and health perspective.
I came to understand that the water softener previously installed in our home, and the UV light we were sold by the other guys, were ineffective and essentially useless. I came to understand that the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality desperately need to be updated to minimize the long-term health consequences of continued exposure to particular microbiological, chemical, physical, or radiological parameters within the approved guidelines. I came to understand that dealing with our water-quality issues would require a customized solution. I came to understand why Falk, and the crew at PWNS, took a different approach. I came to understand the value Falk and crew at PWNS offer.
Four years and the birth of our two beautiful girls later, I received a text message from my partner, Seretha, which included a picture of the bathwater that day. It wasn’t pretty. The message attached to the picture told me exactly what to do…”Get a quote”. Seretha was right, it was time. I got in touch with Nicole at PWNS and set-up an appointment for a second consultation.
After the second initial on-site inspection, we ordered a full-spectrum water analysis, the results of which confirmed Falk’s suspicions and provided him with actionable data. In addition, Falk collected data on our objectives/priorities, budget, water usage/consumption, expectations etc. in order to create a custom solution that suited our specifics needs and wants. Armed with current data and our objectives, we tasked Falk with preparing three quotes; the “Volkswagen”, “Audi”, and “Porsche” options.
Falk presented us with four custom-designed system proposals through a series of many meetings. This approach gave us time to understand the proposals by digesting bite-size pieces of info. Falk was thorough and methodical in his approach, design, and presentation. Likewise, Falk was extraordinarily patient with me throughout the process, particularly when answering the same question for the fifth time.
Not only did Falk design a system to address our specific water chemistry, he also included intelligent add-on solutions to the proposals specific to our lifestyle. For example, considering that we have two young children, the proposals included the potential to incorporate a solenoid valve. The primary benefit is that the valve protects our potential investment by acting as a shut-off if someone tries to use water while the system is in a backwash-cycle. This is one of countless examples of the integrity and commitment to the philosophies and values Falk and PWNS subscribe to. I mean what sales-guy would have the foresight and, quite frankly, the willingness to forego the potential revenue of a service call after the customer damaged the system by failing to follow simple instructions? That’s not the sales-guys’ concern; he was hired to “fix” the water and then move on to the next sale. Falk is the antithesis of a sales-guy. As it turns out, after a relatively short period of time, there have already been three occasions I can think of, and probably others that I didn’t recognize, that the investment in the solenoid vale has paid for itself.
Months after the proposal and having found common ground, we committed to move forward with PWNS. During proposal discussions, Falk had advised us that it was likely we would not be able to use the water for a couple of days during installation, inconvenient but understandable. Upon receiving an email from Nicole in mid-December with a proposed starting day, we were shocked to see the breakneck schedule Falk and Michael were aiming for: Three days to install the system, Dec 27th-29th. Even though we had made it crystal-clear that we were happy to wait until the New Year, Falk insisted that he and Michael could, and should, have this done before the New Year. The stubborn mule won that round while ultimately, we reaped the benefit. This is another demonstrated example of Falk’s commitment to the values and philosophies behind PWNS.
During the installation, there was an emergency which resulted in no construction on the second day. Rather than re-scheduling to add another day, Falk and Michael put in a 14 hour day to on the 29th and still completed the system as per the original schedule. It’s also important to note that it was bitterly cold during the installation and their time was spent between being outdoors and working within an unheated workspace. I can only imagine how numb their hands were at the end of each day!
Despite losing a day and working in bitter-cold conditions, Falk and Michael delivered a custom system, built with quality components and unparalleled craftsmanship. The pride and passion for their work was evident throughout the entire process. Both were very respectful of our privacy, property, and time. Likewise, there were no surprises during the process, commitments made were fulfilled. In fact, our experience was the polar opposite of what we’ve come to expect these days; Falk truly did under-promise and over-deliver.
Taste is personal, but I’ve truly never enjoyed drinking such pure, clean water before in my life. Likewise, and perhaps T.M.I, brushing my teeth and showering have become entirely new experiences; I’ve never used such chemically pure water before and what a difference it makes! Bottled water tastes like city water used to. Now, our water has no taste – start to finish on the nose through the palette. Our water is now a source of pride rather than the source of embarrassment it had been.
As parents, we rest easier now knowing that our family is drinking and using 100% safe, clean water. Our laundry is no longer tainted with an unpleasant odour if we fail to get it into the dryer within a couple of minutes of the washing machine finishing. I could go on, but the bottom-line is that I wish we had done this sooner, about five years sooner.
Five years and many changes later, I’m happy to advise that I now understand the value Falk and crew at PWNS offer and deliver. We are very thankful to Falk, Michael, and Nicole for providing us with an intelligent, comprehensive, permanent solution to our water chemistry and quality problems. We highly recommend Perfect Water Nova Scotia to anyone seeking the same sort of solution. Thank you PWNS!

Scott & Seretha Chahley and Family

Hammonds Plains


” When our water treatment system needed replacing we called Perfect Water for a quotation. They met with us very promptly and spent time with us to properly explain the different options. Falk is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of water treatment and helped us choose the correct system within our budget. The install was speedy and efficient and very professional. We also had a reverse osmosis system installed under our kitchen sink and the quality of our drinking water is vastly improved. We recommend Perfect Water to anyone needing a new system or service of an existing installation.”

John Mills and Pratima Devichand



Falk first installed a water system in our house almost 5 years ago. Since then, we have had fantastic water. The initial visit with the explanation was very throughout and every detail was explained. The installation was very professional and all lines were neatly organized. Dealing with Nicole for the service and logistical side was always pleasant and she always understood scheduling conflicts and worked around our busy schedules.
When we sold our house in Kingswood North and moved to an area out of the city, there was no doubt we would have Falk come out to assess the water during the home inspection, for the test and subsequent system if needed. When we moved in, we had a complete water test completed by Falk, and some serious issues with the water were found. Falk knew we were drinking out of bottles of water while the full test results came back. After the full test results came back, he had the system designed on the weekend and he and Mike had the system installed and running by Monday evening.
Since the first meeting, I have had complete confidence in Falks knowledge and experience. When he tells me what is wrong and how to fix it, I just tell him to let me know when he is finished, I know I am going to get the most cost effective and efficient water system there is to offer.

Mike and Sara Sanford

Belnan, NS


Over the years we had varying degrees of water challenges in our home. We were frustrated with service providers who were unable to implement a satisfactory solution to address these challenges. Then we met and worked with Falk – he designed an individualized water system to respond to our particular water challenges and now we have water of a quality we did not even believe was attainable.

We found Perfect Water Nova Scotia by searching the internet.  We cautiously scrolled through the testimonials until we found the names of two homeowners who were known to us and we contacted them directly.  A personal recommendation is a most powerful tool.

Upon meeting Falk we were impressed by his knowledge, comprehension and mastery of “water matters”.  He clearly informed us that our situation was grave but that he could tailor a solution to rectify it and to deliver excellent quality water to our home. Falk developed a road map for our project, informed us of the cost and honoured his quote.  We were given the time we required to fully contemplate, discuss and select one of the proposed courses of action. From the outset this was a collaborative relationship based on our respect for Falk and Nicole’s expertise, professionalism and excellent customer service and on their respect for our needs and wishes as homeowners and customers.

Falk and Nicole are passionate about their work and as a result we now have a water system we understand and that delivers quality water to meet our needs.  There is great comfort in no longer worrying about our water but rather focusing on enjoying our home and this for many years to come.  We recommend Falk to anyone who seeks a passionate and professional “water problem solution finder”.

Annette M. Boucher and Cyrille Deveau

Fall River


Perfect Water Nova Scotia fitted our home water treatment system unit about 5 years ago.  We were very impressed with the service, installation and depth of knowledge. The customer service and annual servicing since this time has been exemplary, efficient and courteous. Falk and Nicole are both very amicable making Perfect Water a company I highly recommend.

Rob and Sue Rodgers

Hammonds Plains


We were recent arrivals in NS and had just finished building our home when we became aware of the severe problem with our water supply. The iron content was way over the accepted “safe” limit, so apart from potential health problems, there was also the fact that the odour and staining were going to be ongoing issues. ( We had been living in the town of Lunenburg so were largely unaware of water quality problems ).

PWNS was recommended to us by a next door neighbour who had been seeking a solution to his own water quality problem. He had tried various “water firms” without success or satisfaction until he had a recommendation to approach PWNS. Problem solved !  He could not speak highly enough about Falk, his products and service. The telling remark was when he said : “we now actually like drinking our water because it tastes so good”.

We called PWNS and from the moment the ever-efficient and patient Nicole answered, it was obvious that we were in good hands. Falk came out for a site visit and took samples for a laboratory test. Using these very accurate and extensive results, he suggested a number of options which were very clearly set out : cost, advantages, disadvantages and maintenance considerations. Having made our decision, Falk came on site and began the installation.

It was soon pretty clear that he is very “driven” in his operation. It started with punctuality, politeness, tidiness, accuracy and a relentless pursuit of his goal – perfect water for the client. We were encouraged to ask questions and observe the installation. When completed, the smart black neoprene suited tanks lined up against the garage wall had a pleasing sort of symmetry and sense of purpose. A bit of functional modern art ? Bauhaus style ?  I now refer to them as the “water ninjas”.

We had a major power outage soon after installation and a panic call to Nicole had Falk swiftly riding to the rescue. Patiently and objectively the problem was sorted out. I have called Nicole on a few technical queries and she has patiently talked me through settings etc on the phone.  Now that we are more familiar and confident about the workings of the system, we can relax and enjoy our PERFECT WATER.

Falk and Nicole are a tight team and client satisfaction seems to be their ultimate goal. In this day and age it is wonderful to deal with a company that has such a strong work ethic and backs up its installations with such an efficient and friendly service.

Thank you Falk & Nicole !!

Andrew & Jenny Ashley-Smith



Knowledgeable, professional and responsive

Falk and Nicole are the most knowledgeable and responsive water treatment professionals you could ever wish for. When we came to Nova Scotia we were ‘well water’ newbies and had little to know idea of the potential pitfalls dealing with well water. Falk educates you as part of his consultative style to find the best system for your water and your interest in running your own ‘water treatment plant’. The team at PWNS will only recommend and sell products and services that work and they stand by their products and work 100%. They work tirelessly and they are just a phone call or an e-mail away – truly awesome customer service!

Thank you!!!

Tomas and Ruth Nilsson

Fall River, Nova Scotia


To Whom it May Concern,

We originally contacted Perfect Water out of frustration. We had a water system installed several years ago by another local Water shop, and became increasingly disappointed by the shoddy service, and in the end, even the quality of the equipment they installed. This other shop did not understand the concept of customer service, and they were very unprofessional.

A call to Perfect Water was a refreshingly different experience. From the first time we spoke to Nicole about our situation, we knew we were in the right place. Nicole made an appointment that was convenient for us, and Falk arrived right on time. He assessed the situation, and took the time to explain every aspect of the job. They promptly provided a detailed written quote for the job, and completed everything to our satisfaction exactly as promised, and they cleaned up the job site too.

It is obvious that Falk and Nicole are knowledgeable and extremely professional. The work they did was top notch, and they did not cut corners (as some do in this industry).

We cannot say enough about the outstanding service and the solution they provided, combined with a demonstrated wealth of experience and knowledge of their craft. It is obvious to us that Falk and Nicole enjoy their work, and they do their best for their customers – doing the little extras that demonstrate their pride of workmanship.

For these reasons, we would recommend Perfect Water without hesitation.

Larry & Kelly Burke

Shad Bay NS


Good day Falk and Nicole,

It has been several weeks since we have been enjoying our new water system.  Mike and I wanted to take time to truly see how well it would work for us and what the difference would be when we finally got to sample “perfect water” coming into our home.

I must admit that I am not one to read other testimonials, and normally I feel they are most likely fabricated.  But I had to write to you myself to express my well-being and heartfelt pleasure in drinking from our own water tap which you installed in the kitchen;  realizing it is coming from our own drilled well and the great water treatment system you have provided. Mike and I have repeatedly commented how terrific the water tastes, and believe me, Mike is not a fan of water as an everyday beverage but since this new treatment system has been installed, he has two – three glasses of water a day.

I feel so at peace knowing that water running through our home is clean and our clothes are looking and smelling great, the toilets are crystal clear and so are the tanks. There is absolutely no odour or strange colour in the water and no discolouration on the bathroom sinks and tub surfaces.  More important, is that our four-legged children (dogs) have me refilling their water bowl within ten minutes of them drinking it dry.

I trust this email finds you and the family enjoying your weekends a little more and wanted you to know that me and Mike are truly thankful for the tremendous assistance you provided, the detailed explanations and thorough run through of our new treatment system and how it works.  Perfect Water Nova Scotia has put us both at rest and comfortable again in our home. I am extremely proud to have the best water in our small community.

We wish you both all the best in your future endeavours and know that Perfect Water Nova Scotia has our best interests at heart.


Mike and Janice Wilson

Hatchet Lake, Nova Scotia


We live in Upper Tantallon on a well and septic system. We have had our water system replaced twice in our home since moving here in 1999 and still have had ongoing water issues. To the point that for the past three years we could not drink our water and could never wash our whites without them discoloring. We have, as a result, over time, become very frustrated and discontent with our situation. Then one day a couple of months ago, out of sheer frustration we went online and did a Google search for water systems businesses. We found Perfect Water Nova Scotia and started reading the online testimonials. When we read one from someone we knew we felt that this was one company worth exploring. So we called, and within a few days we had met with Falk and had a short term solution to our water problems and several options for a longer term resolution. Falk spent a lot of time with us going over our water components and providing options for us while trying  to fully understand our needs.  Both Falk and Nicole have proven to be very knowledgeable, skilled and have a wealth of expertise to offer in the realm of water science. We are so thankful for their knowledge and skills.

The end result for us, is a totally new water system that meets our needs more than 100%!! We could not be happier! Our water is now clear and soft and our sinks and toilets do not discolor anymore. There is no longer any green residue in our taps from copper erosion. We can now wash our whites at home, and even use white face cloths to bathe in! We are now even drinking our own water now that we have a reverse osmosis system!

This is one time that we truly are happy and satisfied with the quality of the service and the product delivered. This is far above the satisfaction of any of the previous systems in our home!

Thank you Falk and Nicole!


Debbie and David MacKay

Westwood Hills, Upper Tantallon


While everything has a beginning not everything has an end as our relationship with Perfect Water Nova Scotia will endure for the foreseeable future . We were led to Falk and Nicole by word of mouth while we were trying to analyze /solve our water supply for a full renovation of a 40 year old cottage . We decided to build a year round home for our future plans but the water available from two sources 1]a 23 ft deep dug well and 2] a 120 ft drilled well had major quality issues. The dug well only got surface run off water and the drilled well had salt water at 50 ft. therefore based on the home we were/are investing  in the water supply for now and the future resale value was critical.

After a lot of analysis and looking at our options there was only one viable option….Perfect Water Nova Scotia installing a cistern and full water treatment process . This was an easy decision because of the professional approach of Falk and Nicole through our determination process …Falk is extremely knowledgeable and has a passion for what he does while Nicole keeps the project on track and on time including their invoices! We feel like we really got lucky on this solution as now we have a full supply of roof collected rain water, excellent drinking water and a monitoring/service relationship going forward with people we can trust and rely on based on their already demonstrated capabilities.

Perfect Water Nova Scotia is a company that we will highly recommend when we have that opportunity.

David Mann & Karen Cote

Tantallon, NS


We built our dream home in 2008 and knew we had high levels of iron as evident in the orange toilet bowls . At times we also had an awful sulphur odor. We called a few “reputable” water treatment companies ,whom all gave the same solution; a water softener. They gave a great story about their system and what it would do.

We spend thousands of dollars and felt that we were done. We continued to have orange smelly water. After many service calls ; all we had accomplished was spending more money without any results. Eventually they ignored our pleas for help.

Our dream had turned onto a nightmare of water issues.

We reverted to a water cooler for drinking and using “iron- out pucks” for the washing machine(it is not fashionable to always wear orange shirts with your suits)

It is now 2014 and the water is worse than ever so we decided to have another go at improving our water.

We again called a few of the  local “Water Cowboys” and to our surprise the answer was yet again, another water softener. We named them the cowboys because they ride in; take your money and ride off into the sunset, never to be seen again.

We couldn’t comprehend how a second softener would do what the first could not. We were very discouraged with nowhere to turn; or so we thought.

Then one day in general conversation the name Perfect Water Nova Scotia was mentioned to us.

What can be said about PWNS that hasn’t already been written !

We contacted them for a consult and Nicole warned me that Falk liked to talk about his passion for water.

Falk Herd can be called many things about his approach to water treatment; Technician , Scientist, Professor of water ,maybe even, a Radical . All of these are true ! His passion for water is evident from the moment you meet him.

What impressed us the most was that unlike the “cowboys”; Falk’s main goal was to find the reason for our bad water not just be a provider of a system.

He explained in great detail about water chemistry and everything that could affect well water  but would not commit to an answer until all the data had been collected. ( a true scientific approach)

We had many meetings with Nicole and Falk and received a great deal of education on water. Who knew that one of the basic elements of life could be so complicated . We found them to be knowledgeable and sincere but never once were they pushy to get the sale.

After a complete off site laboratory testing we met again for review of the data and another well informed session by Professor Herd . Falk doesn’t install over the counter systems; each system is specifically designed after reviewing the results from the laboratory.

Of course this makes sense as each well will have different levels of minerals and or contaminants.

One of the “AH HA” moments for us was when Falk told us that nothing would work until the PH level was raised. Nobody else mentioned this . We looked at the brochures from the other guys and to our surprise the technical Specifications stated that the systems would not work with low PH.

So again this would have been more money wasted.

As stated before we thought Falk’s approach was radical. Upon reflection I believe the word should be changed to Revolutionary . I believe Falk’s approach is exactly what has been missing in Nova Scotia for water treatment. Why do we always buy a water softener ? Because that is the “Norm” and everybody else has one.

We now joke and say we have a water treatment plant in the basement and show it to everybody who visits our home. It’s very impressive to see but what about the end results?

As the company names states; the water is perfect . No more color, no more smell . Gone are the water cooler and iron out pucks. We have clean bathwater and our whites are now white .

Above all else the water tastes great. We don’t offer our  guests wine or scotch anymore … We offer them a glass of the best water in HRM. HA !!

Nicole and Falk also have an old school concept about their work…Customer Satisfaction. Something rarely seen in today’s market.

There is one more thing that should not be overlooked in this process, and that is; not only did we get amazing results we also acquired two new friends as well.

Nicole and Falk have finally made our house a home.

Brent and Tina Oram



Thank you for our PERFECT WATER! We will be forever grateful!

Just when we thought we’d never have perfect water we met Falk & Nicole from PWNS! We came across PWNS in 2011 while googling water companies on the Internet. At the time, we had already gone through two other companies; spent thousands of dollars and our water still stunk! No pun intended! Falk came to our house, did some testing, explaining everything in great detail and then advised us to meet with someone from Atlantic Water Investigations to rule out any issues with our well. This was very impressive to us. Rather than try to sell us another system on the spot like the other companies had done, he truly wanted to get to the root of the problem.  We had two little boys at the time and their safety was of paramount importance to us – and also to Falk – as if it was his own son! Thanks to Falk’s recommendation, we actually had to have a well liner installed, which significantly improved the quality of our water… but sadly for only about 6 months. Once again, we started seeing changes in the water – smell, staining etc. Falk and Nicole kept in contact with us after the liner was installed and when we started having trouble again Falk came out to the house to discuss options with us. At this time, we were considering moving though – not only because we needed more space for our growing family but also because we were frustrated with our water. We actually considered moving closer to the city so we could be on their water supply! Once again Falk gave us excellent advice but said if we were to move, that there would be no sense installing a system. Our water was safe from a real estate perspective. Over the course of the next two years we bantered back and forth about staying or selling our home. It was a difficult decision. Our water quality was up and down – often times dependent on the season.  We stayed in contact with Falk and Nicole but they were never pushy. They said they would be ready when and if we decided to stay. Fast forward to the fall of 2013 and we finally have perfect water thanks to PWNS. Falk and Eugene came and installed a new system which has completely transformed our water and our lives. No more lugging huge water bottles or buying “Iron Out” in bulk! Falk is brilliant – I’m sure he knows more about water than any chemist and his passion for clean water is indisputable. When it came time to have our system installed, he explained everything in great depth and answered all my silly questions. The workmanship was outstanding! Nicole paid a visit to our home during the installation as well which speaks to the dedication to their customers. They really do go above and beyond and at the end of the day, we know if we ever did have a problem we could just pick up the phone and they would be right here. Throughout the 2.5 years we spent in conversation with Falk & Nicole about our water, they were responsive, knowledgeable, patient and more than willing to help us find the right solution at the right time for our water woes. They are an absolute pleasure to deal with. Our water is now PERFECT thanks to PWNS and we are already recommending them highly to everyone!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Falk & Nicole,

Shawn, Rebecca, Nolan, Seamus & Rory MacKay

Westwood Hills


Thank you

Having read all the testimonials on your web site, we wondered what we could possibly add to the comments from the long list of customers who took the time to enumerate all the positive aspects of dealing with Perfect Water Nova Scotia.  But our own experience with Falk and Nicole Herd has been so incredibly important to our sanity and our sense of safety and comfort that we do want to add some comments about our own experience.

We bought our house in 2007 and soon thereafter encountered water quality issues.  We engaged two separate water treatment companies and were extremely disappointed with both.  Fast forward to late 2013 when our water was the colour of rusty mud and our principal water treatment provider seemed incapable of helping us.  At that point, we realized that we had wasted considerable time and money on equipment and solutions that did not address the underlying problems in our water.  We also realized that no one associated with our water treatment company had the experience and credentials to analyze complex water quality problems.

In desperation, we contacted the owner of our well drilling company for advice.  He recommended Perfect Water Nova Scotia and, as many have already explained, that was a transformational turning point in our water saga. Finally, we found two people (Falk and Nicole) who clearly understood the complexities and intricacies of Nova Scotia water and were able to educate us about our specific situation.  While we confess that we did not understand every detail that Falk provided, we do know that we trusted him from our first meeting.

Through the testing, analysis and installation phases, Falk and Nicole were always available to answer our questions and talk through the various options that Falk developed for our consideration.  They visited our home on weekends at least twice, and worked extremely long days to ensure that we would have “perfect water”.  They were completely transparent with respect to what they would be doing, when they would be doing it, and what it would cost.  They gave us options all along the way, and explained the pros and cons of each possible route. The contrast with our previous water treatment company could not be more dramatic, and without hesitation we enthusiastically endorse Perfect Water Nova Scotia.

Walter and Margaret Purdy

Head of St. Margaret’s Bay


To Falk and Nicole with Pefect Water Nova Scotia:

We are fortunate to have no shortage of water, but we couldn’t drink it, or use the dishwasher (doing so left white residue on everything, and no scrubbing could remove it!). In addition: the whirlpool tub and showers constantly had a film that was not easily removed. So the decision was made to contact PWNS.

Falk came and took an in-depth look at what was going on; took a water test and explained in detail (that we could understand) what causes such issues with water, and how they could be fixed.  When the water test came back, the results, as well as solution options were made very clear. When the system was installed, Falk took his time explaining the various elements of the system, how they work and why they are important. Because my spouse works away from home, I am often home alone. Knowing this, Falk took extra care ensuring I was conformable with the system.

When it was time for the follow up testing to ensure the system was working to Falk’s standards (which are very high), I met Nicole. She was not only knowledgeable about their work and happy to answer any silly question I had, she was very pleasant to deal with.  It is nice to deal with people that believe in great customer service, it seems to be lost with most companies these days.

Our water quality is now fantastic. It’s a drastic difference. The water doesn’t leave a scum anywhere, showering has no smell, and in addition, we have noticed some rather fascinating things as well: while cooking foods that involve using water there is no residue in the pot, and no sticking to the edges, soap bubbles and foams without hardly using any detergents, and when the whirlpool tub is filled up with water; the water is CLEAR.  I now bring my own water from home everywhere I go just so I can avoid drinking “icky bottled water”

I would very highly recommend PWNS. Quality experience that results in quality water.

Thank you Falk & Nicole!

Elizabeth Brison & Nathan Sanford,

Scotch Village


To: Falk and Nicole – PWNS

After moving into our new home we noticed a rotten egg smell as soon as we entered the house. Not knowing where it was coming from we soon discovered that it was the water. We also noticed that the water pressure was very low and we had to buy bottled water for drinking purposes.

We thought this situation was temporary and that it would go away on its own, but it didn’t. We didn’t even want to take a shower because of the smell and the low water pressure. We continued to drink bottled water.

Upon recommendation we phoned Perfect Water. Falk consulted with us for two hours explaining the scientific biological and geological causes for our bad water. He then returned at a later date to test the water both inside and outside our home and immediately brought the test to the lab.

When the results came back we had another meeting. He presented four solutions to rectify the problem. All solutions were viable and each had a price for implementation. Falk told us the solution he would choose if it were his home.

After designing a water system for our specific needs he installed it and instantly our problem was solved. After the first shower we all thought that Falk was a genius!

Falk is a gentleman and true professional, who’s passion is clean water. His knowledge of water problems is undeniable. He monitors the system until he is absolutely sure that the water is perfect . He personalizes each project and encourages you to phone and or e-mail him if there are any future problems. We most certainly are very happy with the water now and we highly recommend Falk to any home buyer who wants to know if their water is as perfect as it can be.  Or to anyone who has a water problem. Thank you so much Falk and Nicole.

Dan, Nancy & Betty Smith

Hammonds Plains, NS.


To whom it may concern,

Water is a very valuable resource that we tend to take for granted.

Great service and expertise is a valuable resource that we all desire although at times it can be very hard to find.

We were very fortunate to find Perfect Water, Nova Scotia led by Falk and Nicole.

This company is an awesome example of great service, expertise and Perfect Water.

A pleasure to deal with and trustworthy in doing what is right for you and your particular water needs.

Perfect Water has lived up to it’s name for us and we are pleased to recommend them highly to anyone looking for water services.


Dave Aasen and Valerie Owens

Tantallon, Nova Scotia


Thanks to Perfect Water … a Year Later

Water.  Does it get any simpler?  For more than 60 years, if we wanted a glass of water, we merely turned on the tap and there it is.

After living exclusively with municipal water service, we found ourselves with a house serviced by a well and a machine room that included a maze of tanks and a spaghetti array of connecting tubes.

Seeking assistance to understand what we had, we reached out to Perfect Water, to Falk and Nicole Herd. A detailed analysis of the well-water was followed by discussions of lead, arsenic, manganese, sediments, particulates, membranes, filters, and  back flushes we came to understand. A few changes and equipment updates followed and, in the end, not only did we have what we needed, we understood what we had and were comfortable we knew what we needed to do to maintain it.

Throughout, Falk and Nicole were responsive, thorough, patient and more than willing to spend the necessary time to help us understand.  Their crew arrived on time and finished on time.  The resulting configuration was clean, neat and very tidy.

In the end, thanks to Perfect Water, water is simple again.

John and Susan Corbett



We had Falk from Perfect Water NS install a water treatment system in our new home after having a “water softener” for one year!  When we moved into our house the water smelled bad and was really brown, it stained the toilets and when we washed dishes the water looked like mud.  We had a company come in to install a softener and RO system.  It seemed to work for a while but then the water smelled like iron, sulfur and almost like sewer.  Two other companies took water samples and told us what we needed to fix the problem.  I was leary about their recommendations after having problems with the system we had.  Finally after 11 months I heard about PWNS so I called for an apointment.

Falk talked to me about water chemistry and solutions.  He told me he would come back to do onsite and in depth lab tests and then he would sit down with my husband & I to discuss treatments designed specically for us.  Our water had an extremely high iron content as well as manganese & other problems.  Falk designed a system to treat all of the problems and took so much pride in his installation.  It took a while to get the kinks out, but after that the water is awesome!!  One year ago, our water was so crappy I was afraid to even bathe or do laundry.

Falk and Nicole are extremely dedicated to their customers.  They have been to our house on numerous occassions, they return emails and phone calls really quickly.  Most companies just want to sell you a product and forget about you. They don’t follow up for service or customer satisfaction.  PWNS go way above and beyond for their customers, which is wonderful.  We went away for a week in March and when we returned the water was amazing so we didn’t need to contact them.  Nicole emailed me to ask how everything was since she hadn’t heard from us.  That is wonderful customer service!!

I have complete faith and confidence in their products and service.  I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.  Falk & Nicole are very competent and knowledgeable and they have educated us so much.  I know more about water chemistry than I ever thought possible, it was the best decision we ever made!

Thank you PWNS!

Linda & Tim Keddy



Dear Falk, Nicole, Devin and Su,

We are so pleased with the water treatment system you designed and installed at our home in March, the change in our water is fantastic.  Thank you for taking the time to educate us about water and the need for a custom designed system depending on the results of the water analysis. From our first meeting right up until installation nothing was too much trouble for you, even explaining the same thing three times until I understood it!  It was reassuring to know that you obviously knew what you were talking about, I did some research as you suggested, not to check up on you but to better understand what you had told me. It was interesting and at times worrying to learn about what our drinking water can contain.

As newcomers to Nova Scotia and Well Water we were nervous about drinking water that “came out of the ground”.  It was just so alien to us and has been an ongoing worry over the past year since moving into our new home.  We had taken to drinking bottled water as we didn’t trust it!  Another problem was the water was very abrasive to wash in and my skin was suffering terribly as a result.  Since your system was installed there has been a remarkable improvement in my skin, in fact I noticed a difference the very next day.

Another concern I had was Radon.  I had read about this gas and was extremely worried about it.  As you know I was horrified to find that there were very large amounts of this in our water supply but you quickly reassured me that it was something that could be dealt with and put my mind at rest.  I am so relieved that my family and I can now drink our water secure in the knowledge that it is not doing us any harm, it tastes good too, and I love my new faucet.  It’s great to be able to use the icemaker in our fridge again, now it’s connected to the R.O water treatment system.

Your professionalism and customer service are second to none and we would definitely recommend your company to anyone who has concerns about their water supply and thinking about getting it tested.  In fact, I think everyone should have their water supply tested regardless of any concerns, you never know what’s in it until you test it.

Yours gratefully,

Len and Tracy Shuttleworth

Fall River


My wife and I are new arrivals to Nova Scotia and recently purchased a home that is supplied by well water.

After moving in we noticed a strong sulphur smell from the taps and signs of hard water on certain piping.  Thus we decided to call in a company to check the system. This firm (which we picked randomly off the internet) told us that the smell would probably go away as it was likely seasonal, the water should be fine to drink and we could just install a filter to one of the outlets we used most often.

After a few months the smell remained and could be smelt as soon as you walked through the front door. We had also begun drinking bottled water as we were still not comfortable with the look of our tap water. Then a neighbour of ours, who had experienced similar problems with his system in the past, recommended that we contacted Falk and Nicole the owners of Perfect Water.

My initial meeting with Falk was a revelation, this is a man who is passionate about both water and good service. Before even looking at our current water softening system he spent two hours (free of charge) explaining in detail the scientific, biological and geological aspects of well water and the various issues that can arise.  Then after examining our system he recommended a complete onsite and offsite test to see exactly what our water contained which would then enable him to design and customize a system that would solve any issues uncovered by the test results and take care of all the concerns we had raised.

Once the results were back, Falk again took the time to explain the outcome of the lab results in detail to us, and then suggested three solutions with varied pricing for us to consider.  Once we agreed to one of these solutions, a date was set and Falk installed our customized solution extremely cleanly and efficiently, taking the time to again explain each high quality component and its particular function.  Time was not an issue to Falk, he took as long as possible over the installation (at no extra charge) to ensure that this new system was working correctly and that we as the customers were completely happy.

The water now coming through our pipes, looks and tastes even better than the bottled spring water, the sulphur smell has been completely eliminated and our impressive new system has even become somewhat of a tourist destination !  With guests to our home very impressed with the high quality and customized installation we now have.

Throughout the process Falk and Nicole have been attentive, efficient and very professional. They were quick to respond to any queries we had and I would have no hesitation in recommending Perfect Water to anyone who has concerns about their own system.  This is a company that sets an extremely high bar in customer satisfaction and other firms should take note.

Glenn Wepener & Melissa van Maasdyk

Hammonds Plains


A Big Thank You!

Dear Falk and Nicole,

We are extremely pleased with the system you designed and installed at our home this past week and the change in our water is amazing. This is exactly the result we wanted. You took the time to try to educate us so that we could better understand why there needs to be an individually designed system depending on the findings from the water testing. We learned that it is not possible to have one blanket solution for everyone’s water, as many other providers would have us think.

It must be quite frustrating to have to compete with companies that tell their customers what they want to hear, install a sub grade system and walk away leaving the customer thinking that their water is just fine. We experienced that situation at our previous home.

We feel so lucky to have discovered your company and what you offer in the way of state of the art science combined with professional integrity.

We would be more than happy to speak with any prospective clients on your behalf.


Karen and Terry Kitson – Hammonds Plains


Perfect Water Nova Scotia was PERFECT!  From start to finish, the level of professionalism and customer service was outstanding.

When we first discovered we had a potential water problem, I contacted a local water treatment company.   At their request, I took them a water sample which they tested for two items (tannins and iron) and then promptly proposed that we purchase one of their proprietary water treatment units.  When I asked them about the possibility of other things in our water, they said we could take a water sample to a lab and have a full panel run but they did not offer to assist with that NOR did they suggest that we await those results before installing their unit!  Basically, they just wanted to sell us their system regardless of whether or not it provided the appropriate solution to our water problem.

I was unhappy with that approach so I started doing some checking around and found the Perfect Water Nova Scotia website.  I was most impressed with the information on the site so I sent off an email asking for further information that very night.  First thing the next morning I had a call from Nicole.  Nicole provided me with information on their services, followed up with an email and then further emails as I asked various questions.  I felt very good about the knowledge and service so I booked an appointment for Nicole and Falk to come to our house to conduct some onsite tests and take a sample of water for a full panel of tests at a lab.  WOW, is all I can say!  I went from my taking a mason jar with water to the first water treatment business I called, to having Nicole and Falk come to my house, conduct tests, take water away for lab testing and spend several hours explaining everything to me!

When the lab results came back, Nicole and Falk again sat down with me to explain what the results meant and what approaches could be used for treating the problems.  And then they both came to our house again, on a Sunday, to explain it all to my husband (who had been unable to attend the previous meeting).   We were offered a choice of solutions – PWNS does not just offer ONE water treatment system,  they deal with a number of manufacturers and so can offer a customized solution specific to our water issues.

Once we decided on a system, Falk and Nicole were back within a week to install it.  The installation was meticulous and the explanations of the system and it’s use and maintenance were detailed.

I think the biggest compliment I can pay Falk and Nicole would be to say that they make me feel SAFE!  I have complete confidence in them to do the proper testing of our water, to provide the proper solution to the problem(s), to install the system properly and to follow up and maintain it properly.  In a world were customer service and professionalism seem to have gone the way of the Dodo, how refreshing it is to deal with a company like PWNS!

Kathleen Corkum, CIP                                                 Edward Weagle

Manager, Risk & Regulations                                     President

A.P. Reid Insurance Limited                                       Formula One Foundations Ltd.

Hammonds Plains


I have used Falk’s services at Perfect Water Nova Scotia for consulting, testing, maintenance and installation regarding all aspects of our water systems.

His level of knowledge surpasses that of most experts in this field and his attention to detail and quality is outstanding. I am extremely satisfied with the quality of installations and water that we now have and the competitiveness of the pricing.

I am also very happy with the service provided by Nicole Herd. Every meeting and item of documentation was planned and completed efficiently and on time. It has been a pleasure to deal with Falk and Nicole and I am happy to recommend Perfect Water Nova Scotia.

Michele and Max Faulkner – Faulkner Recruitment

Fall River


(This following testimonial is from a client, who was aked by the `East  Coast Living` Magazine to provide some lines for a publication with respect to their experience with our company and well water in general)

Dear Zahra

I must congratulate you on writing this article as probably 20% of homeowners are either drinking and using water that is of poor quality and are probably hateful of that situation and may not know what to do or who they can trust to test, recommend water treatment systems or even then install and service such systems.

We have lived in our new house for ten years now. We have a rather extended family who visit us and also I operate an international business and many of our guests stay at our house. Maybe 100 days of the year, there may be visitors at our house.

When we built the house, and having had arsenic in the previous house and a well that had insufficient water, I instructed our well driller to drill deep and put a bigger casing so we would never run out of water. Also in the event that the pump failed in the well in the winter, and I had a house full of visitors, I wanted to be able to have alternative water to use. Since we are on a lake, I put in a secondary system on the lake water as backup. I wanted it to be simple that one would just close one valve and open the other.

After we started using the well, it turns out we had iron in large quantity in it. So I called in a water treatment company and they put in a system to take care of that, then two weeks later after smelling rotten eggs everytime I took a shower or we used water, I decided I did not like the well and switched to the lake. But of course, the lake water has a nice color to the water and all the white clothes we possesed became brownish. Worse, our guests would put water in the tub and then would ask questions like, do you know what ducks, beavers and fish throw in the water and are we drinking soup and or washing ourselves with this!!! So, we decided to go back to the well, and had to put in another system, and of course, cut up the other system to add more units. Eventuallly since the hardness was not good, we added yet again another (now three) resin bottles to the rest of the now custom/custom units. It sort of took two years before I stoped worrying about making people sick, or turning their skin light brown or enjoying drinking water.

So we could feel good about drinking water, we bought an expensive distiller so that at least we could trust what we drank or gave to other people we liked good water.

But even with yearly maintenance I never liked our water and very often it still smelled iron or rotten eggs or both. It was a hateful experience just to take a shower and smell iron and or rotten eggs. One does not realize how much water one uses for cooking or drinking until one dislikes the water or does not trust it’s quality or color.

After moaning about our water to somebody, they recommended we give Falk from Perfect Water a call which we did. Before I even considered doing business with him, I interrogated him and his wife for probably over one hour.

I discovered that not only he was an expert about water quality, but he he loved to talk with great passion about water like a symphony orchestra conductor would talk about Mozart’s music. He is fanatical about not only water quality but also about installation and service. He took many samples from the existing system which he condemned rightfully, took raw samples from the well and from the lake and proposed and installed a water treatment system that gives us crytal clear water like we never saw before.

We now love to drink the water, wash with it and no longer have to apologize to our quests for the poor quality water like we used to have.

We love our water and I am so happy with the perfect installation that their company will be our choice service company as long as we live in our house.

They are great people and they look after our water like their lives depended on it.

What else can I say.

Albert & Gisele Bohemier – Survival Systems Ltd

Hubley and Hackett’s Cove


I would just like to say Thank You to Falk and Nicole for inputting a water system for our family as we have well water. The in-depth onsite water testing and their knowledge is definetely the best out there by far. Falk definetely has a lot of passion in what he does. Will definetely recommend Perfect Water Nova Scotia to anyone.

Darryl and Lisa North



Dear Mr. Herd:

I am dropping you a quick letter just to show my appreciation for the great work and the professional service you have provided to me.

In July, 2011, I purchased a home and was not made aware of the problems this home had with the water.  After moving my family in, we all noticed the smell of the water within a short period of time.  As this was all new to myself,  I referred to the notes the previous owner had left.  Your company name was mentioned, and therefore I telephoned you.

You had made arrangements to quickly come to my home, take tests and prepare a proposal. The installation of the new product was completed in just a day shortly after we had met in your office.  I am pleased for the treatment you have provided myself, the knowledgeable suggests for solution,  the prompt service, your professional manner throughout the entire ordeal.  A special thank you for returning my calls and coming to my assistance for the fine tuning or when there was a problem.

In closing, my family and I are all pleased to have a water system that we are all proud of and I would not hesitate to recommend Perfect Water in the future to family or friends.

Thanks again Falk.

Yours sincerely,

Jeannette Berringer

Prospect Village


RE: Perfect Water

Falk & Nicole:

I am writing this to express our satisfaction with the installation of our new water system. We were really in trouble with a failing water system. Your professional approach to find a solution tailored made to our needs was beyond excellent.  From our initial meetings it was clear that your experience and knowledge in the field is without question.

Although it was a stressful time for our family, you went out of your way to see that our needs and concerns were met. I for one appreciate the fast and professional install of the system.  Your commitment to customer service is outstanding. This was evident by your follow up visits and by taking the time to explain the workings and operation of the system.

Overall we could not be happier with the experience. The quality of the water is the best it has ever been. Your company came to us via a recommendation, and I can assure you I will endorse your company and indeed you as a person to whoever requires a water treatment system. If you need a reference for potential clients, please feel free to use us.

Best Regards,

John & Andrea Legere

Hammonds Plains


We met Nicole and Falk for the first time during a Business Event in Halifax where we both were presenting our businesses. After this initial contact we could experience and appreciate consistent and efficient communication with Perfect Water Nova Scotia.

At the time we were in the process of building our new home in Cape Breton, and all water treatment related requirements were taken care of by PWNS in accordance with our schedule and it was only a short way to contract Falk to installing the appropriate water treatment system.

Falk and Nicole accompanied us from the first step all the way to the final walk-through, after the equipment had been professionally installed. Any of our questions have been addressed immediately and Perfect Water Nova Scotia made sure the entire process went smoothly, even when resolving some initial obstacles, which were definitely outside their regular scope of business.

Nicole and Falk do not just work with water – they live water. Water is their passion.

We recommend Perfect Water Nova Scotia to any of our friends and acquaintances and anyone who is interested in finding an efficient, long-lasting solution for their treatment needs and can appreciate extraordinary service with the customer’s goals in mind.

We look forward to a continuous relationship with Perfect Water Nova Scotia.

Thank you Nicole, thank you Falk.

Roland and Martina Bathen – Power, Strength and Energy Solutions Ltd.

Port Hawkesbury


Dear Nicole and Falk:

I wanted to send a note to you both to express my appreciation for a job well done. The fact that you worked such long hard days to get my water up and running is something I really appreciate, and I would highly recommend you to anyone needing this type of service.

As you know, we built this house 17 years ago, and the well has been a complete failure. We were “ripped off” by the now non-existent well driller who told us the water would “clear up”. He was out of business before we had a chance to tell him that we had to add several thousand dollars worth of filtration and purifying equipment to try to get decent water at least for bathing, laundry and dishes, etc. We knew we would never be able to drink it or cook with it.

Over the years, we had three different companies working on various stages of the process, which amounted to years of shoddy workmanship, the wrong type of filtration, and poor maintenance. One of those three companies is out of business; the other two are still putting systems in for people all over the HRM.

It has been frustrating, all these years, to have to live with brown water. Bathing in it feels counter-productive, not to mention unhealthy. Our linens and light coloured clothing are all brownish. It’s embarrassing. Forget about white t shirts in this house!

It is no small thing that on Friday night, after you finished your work, I turned on the tap to find that the water is clear. I have attached photographs to show you the difference! Photo one is the water with (company names displayed in original testimonial and here removed by PWNS), several thousand dollars worth of equipment that didn’t do the job. Photo two is the water after you were here! (The spots you see in the tub are not the treated water, they are stains on the tub from years of poorly treated water!)

Thank you so, so much! It’s good to know that if I have problems, I can call on you, and you will help me because you have the integrity and the caring to be good, knowledgeable service people!

Wendy Crocker

Hackett’s Cove


Testimonial Part 1
As part of our move to Nova Scotia, we came to Halifax for a house hunting trip. We found a great house in Upper Tantallon, got an inspection, agreed to a price, arranged for the standard water test and headed back to Mississauga. Everything was progressing smoothly then, the following week, the test results came back and the arsenic count was too high. Arsenic! The only thing I knew about arsenic, beyond the terrific Cary Grant movie, Arsenic and Old Lace, is that it is poisonous. With three small kids, and a fourth on the way, my wife and I started to panic. Our realtor was trying to provide water treatment information and the related costs but without good information, how do you decide – do we kill the deal? Try to adjust the price, if so, how much?

I frantically started searching the Internet for information; but all the options: reverse osmosis, ultra violet, anion resins, etc, just added to my confusion. Then I stumbled onto the Perfect Water Nova Scotia website and Falk’s blog post – The proper Way to remove Arsenic from Drinking Water. I will not claim to have understood everything in the post, but I was hugely impressed by the thoroughness of it. At the end of my reading, I saw the phone number and called. Luckily for me, Falk was in and Nicole connected me. I asked Falk if he had a few minutes to explain a bit about the treatment options and some general pricing information. You know you are in for a different experience when Falk’s response to my question was to ask me if I had time and if I have a pen and paper? Falk then spent an hour educating me on the basics of water treatment solutions. I cannot tell you how much his information helped take the mystery and panic out of our situation. As a result, my wife and I were able to make a reasonable decision and proceed with the purchase. We also decided that when we moved in, we would call Perfect Water Nova Scotia to get our arsenic problem fixed.

Testimonial Part 2
When we moved in a few months later and arranged to have Falk come in for a consultation, the opinions I had formed on Falk’s water quality knowledge, thoroughness, and passion were reinforced completely. At this time, Falk spent another couple of hours at the kitchen table walking my wife and me through the options and the importance of proper testing. As Falk repeatedly stated, every water situation is different and he was not interested in delivering a one-size-fits-all solution. It was apparent that if one wanted a comprehensive solution, and we did, Perfect Water Nova Scotia was the right choice. When the time came to install our system, it was obvious that Falk had spent a great deal of time analyzing the test results and designed a system that made sense for our situation. It was certainly not surprising that Falk approached the installation with the same dedication and thoroughness that he regularly exhibited in every step of the process. Now the system is in place and we are enjoying clean and refreshing water.

After the fact, my wife and joked that if it were not for the high arsenic count, we would not have given the water a second thought. But after our experience with Falk and Perfect Water Nova Scotia, we realized the extent of our naiveté. So in the end, the high arsenic count was probably a good thing.

My wife and I heartily recommend Perfect Water Nova Scotia to anyone who has water treatment needs.

Adam and Melanie Mulrooney – Senior Consultant CGI Halifax

St. Margaret’s Bay


When my business partner and I were nearing the completion of our new daycare building, the last thing we expected was a problem with our water! We had a company come in to do testing – feeling very frustrated and confused by what he was telling us we decided to get a second opinion. We found Falk Herd. Falk came out right away and thoroughly tested our water and yes it was indeed problematic! Falk walked us through the process and results and explained everything! We finally understood with clarity what needed to be done and why. We now have a system in place that gives us almost “perfect” water. Best of all we get excellent customer service from Falk and his lovely wife Nicole. They do on site testing and deliver the results right away – this is very important to us as we need to have our water tested four times a year! Thank you, Perfect Water Nova Scotia.

Cheryl Leadlay and Marina Johnson



We felt we should send this testimonial about Perfect Water Nova Scotia, stating that they were extremely professional in assessing our needs, providing a solution, and supplying and installing the system. They were a pleasure to deal with and we would recommend them to anyone. We are very pleased with the results and what our water quality is now.

Erick and Paula Gaudet

Hammonds Plains


Based on our own personal experience of dealing with Nicole and Falk Herd, we would strongly recommend Perfect Water Nova Scotia to any well-dwellers. Their approach is transparent – to provide the customer with a comprehensive understanding of their water situation. One meeting with this pair will leave you feeling confident that your water system needs are in the right hands. Their pleasant manner and professionalism combined with their desire to educate their customers are unparalleled. Further, their attention to detail, thoroughness and work ethic are simply staggering. In a sad consumer era where most businesses have long forgotten the basic principles of customer service, dealing with Perfect Water is like a breath of fresh air. They will equip you with all the information possible so that you are in a position to make a decision as an informed consumer. We simply cannot emphasize enough how satisfied we are of our experience with Perfect Water. Dealing with Nicole & Falk was a complete pleasure and we would not hesitate to contact them in the future for any water system needs.

Patricia & Dylan Moser

Upper Tantallon


To whom it may concern:
For the last fifty-one of fifty-three years, Don and I have owned three homes. The last 12 years we have lived at (<blanked out for confidentiality purposes>), Tantallon area.
This year, December 2010, we had installed a complete water purification system by Perfect Water Nova Scotia Company, owned and operated by Falk and Nicole Herd. From the first time they entered our home, we were well aware the knowledge and expertise regarding their work was most impressive. Falk’s three presentations were well beyond our thinking – he thoroughly presented our concerns.

Our new system is now completed and we highly recommend this company. The efficiency, professionalism and honesty was beyond our comprehension. We have experienced workmanship which we did not know existed. We know their service policy and that they will continue to serve us. Both of them have already been back to ensure we are satisfied and also check the system.

They work together as a team and we continue to be amazed but thankful these people were recommended to us. We extend to anyone having similar water problems or concerns, to contact this company to have them arrange an appointment to visit our location or contact us by telephone.

Don, Anne and Paul Langille

Stillwater Lake


“After moving into our new home, we were concerned with the quality of our well water. On a Saturday morning, I sent Perfect Water an email.  No more than 10 minutes elapsed before the phone rang; it was Falk Herd!  Later that same day (on a weekend!), he came out to our residence to provide us with some information, and to perform a few tests.  Falk takes the time to educate his customers on the complexities and nuances of water treatment, spending four hours with us to explain the possible causes and strategies we could pursue.  He performed all the necessary tests first to ensure the right treatment system is installed, and is a man of principle who will not compromise on water quality and safety. He and his wife, Nicole, are very helpful and friendly.  They provide quick service, and replied to my numerous follow-up emails very quickly, with thorough and detailed information!  I doubt any one else in the industry has better expertise!”

Lou and Bonnie

Hammonds Plains


“We are impressed with the technical abilities of Falk and Nicole.  We recently moved from the city into a 110 year old home by the ocean. We learned that we have some of the worst well water in Nova Scotia.  We needed a solution and confidence in our water treatment system.

Falk and Nicole tested, analyzed, and configured our new system.  The options were clearly explained to us and we were encouraged to be part of the process.  We felt educated about our choices and the merits of each step of the purification system.

It is wonderful to have clear, safe water but the experience was enhanced by Falk and Nicole’s uncompromising customer service.  They provided refreshing results and refreshing attention to customer service. They responded quickly to our questions and were very flexible with their scheduling to accommodate our contractors.  We are grateful to Perfect Water Nova Scotia for solving our water issues.”

Jim Newell and Allison Cameron – Lifeline Marine Service

Portuguese Cove


“My husband and I invited Falk to our home to talk about what we should do about our water after it was giving off a strong smell and had left a discoloration in the bath. He came and got all the details then talked us through possibilities of what was causing it, as well as possible solutions. Falk has an incredible knowledge about water and we were assured instantly this guy knew what he was talking about.

After much discussion, and absolutely no pushing on Falk’s side my husband and I decided to proceed and have our water checked. We were kept informed throughout and updated with emails and phone call’s so we knew exactly what was going on.

When the results came in we were given an emailed copy right away, then Falk came and explained what it all meant. He gave us a couple of solutions one of which we decided to follow. The system was installed with no problems, and we didn’t have to do anything, just monitor that everything was functioning ok, which it was perfectly.

We are overall extremely happy with the service provided by Falk and Nicole and would not hesitate to recommend them to others, I have already given Falk’s number to my brother, and we are very pleased with the quality of the water we now have.”

Victoria and Ashleigh McKee

Sambro Head


“We wanted to write and let you know how impressed we have been with your dedication to helping us find a solution to our water problems.

We have rarely met or dealt with anyone so knowledgeable of their subject matter. This is a valued asset in today’s world where it seems you often encounter people who are not concerned with the end result, as long as they get your business. We never felt this when dealing with Falk – his was more of an attitude that we will work this through until we find a solution that satisfies you, the customer.
We thank you for your commitment to your profession and we highly recommend you to future clients.”

Cynthia Telfer and Akivah Starkman

Prospect Bay


“Now that I am settling into my new home and have a bit of time to reflect on the process of the sale of my previous home , I thought of the excellent services I have had and your water solution was one of them. Many thanks for coming to the rescue on very short notice. As well as providing me with superior water quality, you were efficient, meticulous about the installation and paper work, and kept me informed as to all procedures.

I appreciated that very much, and was impressed that you were able to contact my buyers, reassure them as to the water quality, and to pass on your warranty to them. It is always a pleasure for a consumer to deal with someone who can deliver a superior product and who has such personal integrity.

I will be recommending you highly to any and all.”

Marilyn Huber