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Basically almost everything – exceptions would be chemical feeds – can be considered as filtration. Even what is happening inside the water treat

ment tanks.

The word “filters” has found its way into the consumer’s head, yet a more appropriate headline for this section would actually be “cartridge filters” and this is what the section here refers to.

As is with anything else, the correct choice of cartridges, is a direct result of a lot of questions and data collection.

What size is correct? Which “ingredients” are best suited to achieve desired results?

Can a cartridge solution actually be a (sort-of) replacement for a full-tank solution? What is the difference between nominal and absolute micron rating? Should possibly multiple grades be part of a cartridge? How and to what extent can so called “specialty-cartridges” help? Is the product NSF-Certified? And the list of question continues.
A few generic yet important facts need to be acknowledged regardless.

Whereas in almost all cases the initial purchase price for cartridges is lower, compared to a tank-solution, future service+ maintenance costs should be given consideration.

A cartridge is not a backwashing filter! Once it is saturated, it requires replacement, the housing needs cleaning and other technical aspects need to be taken care of.

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