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The proper way to treat Arsenic in Drinking Water

The proper Way to remove Arsenic from Drinking Water In one of our prior newsletters we have provided information on Arsenic (see article published on our web page) in general. Since we feel there are still some misconceptions about the proper treatment of arsenic, we would like to take this space to explain some crucial […]


Facts: Sampling Water Properly

There is a large variety of different containers and bottles for sampling water and other substances available and the laboratories do have their distinct requirements along those lines. Amber Glass, Teflon Lined, No Head-Space, Clear Glass (Jar) and Plastic Bottle are just a few and they all serve a very specific purpose. For the evaluation […]


Facts: Aluminum and Drinking Water

Aluminum makes up about 8% of our earth’s surface. Aluminum has numerous areas of applications in the construction industry because of its very beneficial weight-to-strengths-ratio. Unfortunately there are many negative side effects as well, especially when ingested. Aluminum is very hard to get rid of, once it is in our bodies. The good news is […]


Facts: Uranium and Drinking Water

A pretty unspectacular way of looking at uranium is to display it as a radioactive metallic element, existing in anionic complexes, found naturally only in combination with other substances, with U-238 being the most common form. But that is boring, is it not? Uranium has a fascinating history and here are some interesting things about […]


Facts: Arsenic and Drinking Water

Arsenic is a natural element found widely in the earth’s crust. It is found in some drinking water supplies, including wells. Exposure to high levels of arsenic has health adverse effects. Over the past years, the levels for acceptable arsenic limits in Canada, have been lowered significantly with an increasing awareness of the negative aspects […]